Acid Life

by Tomorrow We Hunt

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released November 20, 2013



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Tomorrow We Hunt Zagreb, Croatia

Punk band from Zagreb, Croatia.

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Track Name: Rotten Town
this place dries you out
like a city of leeches
and any chance of exit
just seems out of reach

goals are getting smothered
by the waves of hate
all passion put out
to no escape

the cheap relief
of cynicism
always forcing us to
put it all to waste

and i just want to
get out of its grip
just want to leave this
god forsaken place

no escape from the streets
in this endless maze
seeking defiance
as our guiding light

accustomed to the climate
the collective whine
and the half full drinks
that used to make us sick

with colder view
and thicker skin
the inanity
will tear us down

we'll become the rats
feeding on
the carcass of
this leech filled rotten town
Track Name: Smog Drenched Life
is getting weaker
pushing through
every day

this daily dose
of bigotry
is getting harder
to digest

by the city's haze

waging war
with the ground
beneath my feet

sinking deeper
striving to
(from this place)

by the smog drenched air

the smog filled air
will be my hammer and nail
pulling me back until i fail
losing hope of breaking free
this will be the end of me
Track Name: Underbound
Fictional unity
clouded by self-interest
your hollow meaningless words
are turning this
in a purposeless parade

years of disillusion
no faith to keep
you're part of
the problem
a gutless drone

half-stepped values
on the fence
taking pride in your ignorance
in a chase
for recognition
you became the
object you despised

it's your kind that leaves me in disgust

tired of your ways, bored by your kind
adapting to your setting you will never grow a spine
Track Name: Constant Disappointment
waking to the bitter taste
of constant disappointment
this enraging feeling
spreading like an illness

an unwanted reminder
closing in on me
this trivial avoidance
is a bottomless pit

the weight of doubt keeps
pulling me down
blinded to faith
left detached and apathetic

in a circle of
lost sleep and
grinding teeth
the gathered spite
became the blood
that pumps through
my veins

in search of truth
i've come to
face the facts
embraced the burden
of blame
as my guiding hand
Track Name: Pressure To Succeed
driven by the fear of defeat
every handshake's a commodity
compromising to avoid
the stinging pain of failure
neglecting the self-loathing
piling up every day
fortunate but broken
with nowhere to look but down

lack of trust and
false self-confidence
pressure to succeed
tearing you apart

self-righteous egoist

motives stay hidden
from competition
stones to step on

self-righteous egoist

pressure to succeed
tearing you apart
Track Name: Without End
(no love to know, no name to bear
muted voices, screaming in vain)

a vile infestation
bound to descend

anchored in mudded soil
futile movement without end

sinking, buried in the dirt
decline without hope
a worthless disgrace
concern is rustening
once defiant are now compelled
to surrender and submit
Track Name: Advocates of Bigotry
you discriminate the weakened
victimize the few
a privileged and spoiled mass
dictating the rules

advocates of bigotry
misinterpreting equality
under guise of preservation
working for their benefit

advocates of bigotry
a degrading initiative
tyrannical majority of
stonethrowing hypocrites
keep pulling us back
divide and censor
in fear of progression
Track Name: Closure
at a point of no return
judgement is seized by anxiety
every moment's a distinctive failure
awaiting the inevitable

carrying the blame
constant questioning
leading to your end

no time left to recollect
to cherish your imperfections
the restlessness will be your end
the edge of your blade

first step
leave to me
i will smother the biggest fiend
you run and breathe the life in

calm down
steady your mind
cave in, focus on the line
bow down to no mans tribe
Track Name: Half Mast
utter lack of motivation
jaded and misled by hopefulness

our voices getting tired
our words are getting thinner
a sarcastic culture
with less options to consider
when fundamental order
is a downward course
we're inclined to surrender
cause it won't get better

forced our flags to remain at half mast
we chased our headlights until we crashed

no need for redemption
this will be our release
numbed to ambition
until it became a thing of the past
Track Name: Two Steps Back
eager to look the other way
blinded by the attention you're receiving
hate to say this just isn't you
you know it's yourself who you're deceiving

and preyed on
empty words and
snake oil
abandoned your
former course
but the issue
stayed the same

one step forward, two steps back

caught amongst
different means
same obsession
greed and
how can't you see
you're getting used
Track Name: Loss Of Self
the haunting curse of awareness
on the verge of merging with nothingness
the loss of self, no constant left
a summit of agony and dread
falling through to namelessness

just a fragment of an entity
slipping through your desperate grasp
and descending to emptyness

the nullity of existance
the loss of self